Bengal chicken with Satkora

Serves 4

1 kg chicken drum stick

4 tbsp vegetable oil

4 tbsp finely chopped onion

2tsp garlic/ginger paste

3 bay leaf, 4 green cardamoms

2 cinnamon stick

2tsp ground cumin

2tsp ground coriander

½ tsp ground turmeric

¼ tsp ground chilly

¼ tsp gram massala powder

3 green chilly chopped

1tsp fresh coriander chopped

2tbsp chopped tomato

½ small Satkora pieces


  1. Put the oil in a wide, heavy, preferably pot (handi) medium-high heat. when hot put in as many chicken pieces as the pan will hold in a single layer and brown on both sides. Removed the chicken pieces with a spoon and put them in a bowl. Brown all the chicken pieces like before.

  2. put the garlic/ginger paste into the same hot oil stir and the same time add salt, chopped onion, bay leaf, cardamoms and cinnamon stick stir for 5/6 minutes adds about 1 cup of water and simmer for 15 minutes in slow-medium heat.

  3. Now add ground cumin, coriander, chilly powder, turmeric and gram massala to the pot keep stir and cook spices for five minutes add Satkora, chopped tomato and green chilly stir for 6/7 minutes.

  4. Put in all the chicken pieces as well as any liquid from chicken to the pot mixed with the spices, add 1 cup of water or more depend on how thin sauce you want and simmer for 15/20 minute in medium heat. add fresh coriander and Served hot with steamed basmati rice.

Prepared by Oli khan 2010

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